OBJECT: Private villa    TOTAL AREA: 236 sq.m   LOCATION: Bodrum, Turkey  

A truly amazing villa with 360 degree panoramic views was constructed for a young family with two kids as their summer destination. Zen design drew a full reconstruction of the building, including technical amenities like communication capacity, solar energy facility and multiple energy saving technologies, making the house an efficiency miracle. Besides architectural and interior design Zen design was responsible for supervision of the design and realisation of a 1 hectare of urban landscape-ing.

The total project until realisation took 4,5 months.

Ultimately “villa Granca” became a welcoming environment for all members of the family.

A place to rest, work, play, invite, share, privacy and celebration. The harmonic synthesis between interior- and exterior design have made this house a welcoming home, a true and charming place that quietly breathes ultimate Zen design quality.